Microsoft Teams Chatgpt Integration | Add ChatGPT to Microsoft Teams? (100% Working)

Recently some such updates are coming out that now you can integrate Chatgpt with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams Chatgpt integration that this process can now be done in any account, read our complete article to know this process and also know how you can integrate Chatgpt account in Microsoft Teams.

Ever since Microsoft has invested a lot of money in Chatgpt’s company Openai, ever since the process of integration of Chatgpt in all the products of Microsoft has started and according to the news that is coming out in the present time, now you can download your Microsoft You can use Chatgpt in Teams account.

Microsoft Teams Chatgpt Integration

Microsoft had already integrated Chatgpt in some of its products such as the Microsoft Bing search engine. Gradually, the manner in which AI is being integrated in all the products of Microsoft, it seems that now people are not going to face any problem in doing their office work or in using any type of Microsoft product.

Today we will provide you all the Information about Microsoft Teams Chatgpt integration as well as tell you how you can integrate your Chatgpt account with Microsoft Teams account. All the advantages and disadvantages of this integration will be told to you here.

Microsoft Teams users should know that in order to integrate Chatgpt, they must have Microsoft Teams Premium Membership through which they can do Chatgpt integration. There are other features of Microsoft teams that you can take advantage of through Microsoft Teams premium account, which you do not get in any Microsoft Teams free account.

Before integrating Chatgpt with Microsoft Teams account, first of all you need to know what is Microsoft Teams Premium and how it can be used. Along with this, you also need to know that in what way Microsoft Teams Premium account gives you the benefits, so that you can easily complete your heart’s work.

Microsoft Teams logo

Microsoft Teams Premium Account is a kind of subscription plan, when any Microsoft Teams user thinks about even more features and benefits in his account, then Microsoft Teams Premium Account has been created for such users, where you can easily purchase premium subscription. By doing this, you can unlock even more benefits and features in your Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Premium account is slightly different from the normal account, here users are allowed to use a variety of addons and services for their work as well as to enhance their creativity even more.

If you also want to know what kind of benefits Microsoft Teams Premium gives you, then you have been told different points about it below where you can easily know about the features of Microsoft Teams Premium Account.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Teams Premium?

As we have already told you, Microsoft Teams premium account is a little different from normal account, here you are given different types of advance and services to increase creativity. For example, in Microsoft Teams premium account, you are given more features of template and meeting customization than normal account, along with these, many other services are given to you, which are explained through points below.

  • Intelligent AI: Microsoft Teams Premium account allows you to do your work better with the help of Artificial Intelligence like Halo and at the same time you are able to do the work much faster. Artificial Intelligence can do any work easily and fast as well as you can ask any type of question through AI.
  • Personalized experience: Through this feature of Microsoft Premium Account, you can customize any of your meetings in a better way. This feature also gives you the facility to note all the things that happen in the created meeting, through this you can also know how many members are there in the meeting and which member is currently speaking. In this, you can customize all the information of the meeting and increase the productivity even more.
  • Enhanced security: Whenever you do video calling with someone or screen sharing of your computer, your security suffers the most, that is why Microsoft Teams premium account provides you more security. With security, you can also make all meetings held on Microsoft Teams private and can also ensure that completed meetings can be downloaded or not, along with this, you can see many other types of security.
  • Analytics: By easily analyzing all the meetings that happen with Microsoft Teams premium account, you can easily forgive the growth happening in the company as well as all the things told by you people through feedbacks, you can improve your organization even more. can bring about more improvements. This Provides you the facility to analyze all the activities that happen in the meeting.
  • More Customization: Before starting any type of meeting, you have to make sure that on which issues you want to speak, as well as what should be the customization of your screen or profile, for this you have to sign in to Microsoft Teams premium account. Even more customization features are provided through which you can access maximum templates and at the same time you can easily access features like background remove.

These are some of the features of Microsoft Teams premium account, knowing about which you will want to use more services of Microsoft, as well as with the new feature of Chatgpt Integration, now all Microsoft products will be more productive and complete the work faster. have the capacity to do.

What is Microsoft teams Chatgpt Integration?

Now you have come to know about Microsoft Teams, which is an application through which you can have a meeting with any other person and at the same time you can increase productivity even more by sharing the screen of your computer or phone. .

The integration of Chatgpt with Microsoft Teams is a very good thing because now it will be easier for people to work and at the same time people will be able to get answers to their questions very easily. Microsoft’s products have been famous among the people for a long time and from the beginning everyone is using Microsoft Windows in their computer laptops.

Large organizations that use Microsoft Teams to stay connected with their employees can now increase the growth of the company by easily analyzing all the activities of the employees and all the meetings held on Microsoft Teams with the support of Chatgpt.

After Microsoft Teams Chatgpt integration, all employees and company workers can use different features where artificial intelligence can divide completed meeting questions. In this way, those employees who have not been able to attend the meeting can easily find all the useful things in the meeting.

Chatgpt’s integration with Microsoft Teams adds different features to the meeting, such as the ability to take real-time notes, as well as the ability to use multiple templates. Dividing the meeting into different sections can make them even more helpful.

After Microsoft Teams Chatgpt integration, meeting scores between people can be made even more creative through artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence can also be used to keep video scores secure.

Premium Chat GPT has 100 million people.

Chatgpt, such an artificial intelligence tool through which people can easily get answers to any type of question, it has proved to be a boon for the people. For some time, when Artificial Intelligence is progressing slowly, in the meantime, Chatgpt has arrived in front of people.

As soon as Chatgpt came, there was a ruckus among the people on the Internet and soon people started connecting with Chatgpt. If we look at the reports of the past few times, today Chatgpt has more than 100 million users who use Chatgpt and increase their productivity.

The biggest reason for using Chatgpt is that people do not have time to go to a big search engine like Google to find the answer to their question. When people ask their question directly to Chatgpt, they get an accurate answer through which a lot of time is saved.

Chatgpt is used in different categories, such as blog writers or book writers have been using Chat GPT for research for some time, and at the same time, they do not spend a lot of their time in research for their articles and books. takes to complete.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating and Activating ChatGPT in Microsoft Teams?

Till now you have come to know about Microsoft Teams Premium Account and now you have also come to know what is Microsoft Teams Chatgpt Integration. So now we will tell you how you can connect Microsoft Teams with Chatgpt.

To connect Chatgpt with Microsoft Teams account, you have to take care of some things like you must have a Chatgpt account where you must have Chatgpt API key.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating and Activating ChatGPT in Microsoft Teams?

You will be able to connect Microsoft Teams account with Chatgpt only through Chatgpt API Key. Read all the points given below carefully to know about the integration process or to connect the account.

  • First you open Chatgpt account and generate an API key, keep in mind that you have to copy the generated API key to a safe place.
  • After this you have to open your Microsoft power automate account and then create an “Automated Cloud Flow“.
  • After this, a window will open in front of you where you have to name your flow, you can keep it anything.
  • In the second option, you have to select “When keywords are mentioned“.
  • When you select the “When keywords are mentioned” option, some options appear in front of you, first of all you Select “Channel” in the message type.
  • After this, in the second option, you have to write a key word, here you can also write “ChatGPT“.
  • You get the third option of the teams where you can select your adjusting teams account where you have an API key.
  • After this, in the section of the channel, you have to select the adjusting channel i.e. “ChatGPT”.
  • After processing so much, the option of parent message ID appears in front of you where you have to select “Reply to message ID“.
  • After this all the settings have to be applied.
  • After this you have to add a new floor whose name will be “HTTP”.
  • After this, you have to do all the settings of the added slow through the screenshot given below.
  • Keep in mind that in the Authorization section, you have to enter the API key of your Chatgpt account, for which you can add through “Bearer <YOUR CHATGPT API KEY>”.
Body Code =>

 "model": "text-davinci-003",
 "prompt": "@{outputs('Get_message_details')?['body/body/content']}",
 "max_tokens": 2000,
 "temperature": 0
Integration  ChatGPT in Microsoft Teams Process
  • After this, you will have to make some settings in the “Reply with a message in a Channel” field, whose screenshot is given below.
Integrating and Activating ChatGPT in Microsoft Teams 2
  • After completing all the mentioned process, you have to save the created slow and then the status of the floor has to be “turn on” so that the created slow gets activated.
  • After following all this process, you can easily integrate your Microsoft Teams account with Chatgpt. After completing the process, once you must ensure that Chatgpt is working properly in your Microsoft Teams account or not.

If you face any kind of problem and you are not able to integrate Microsoft Teams account with Chatgpt properly, then you can comment us.

Advantages of using ChatGPT with Microsoft Teams.

After completing the process of integration, it is very important for you to know what other advantages you get after connecting Microsoft Teams with Chatgpt. Artificial intelligence has started getting integrated in all the products or services day by day.

If you do the integration of Chatgpt in Microsoft Teams, then you can have many advantages in different ways, such as during a meeting, you can create notes with the help of artificial intelligence, which can be easily shared with any employee or a teams member. Can go

With this, using artificial intelligence, you can divide all the topics in the meeting into different sections and later you will not have to look at the entire teams meeting to find any one important point.

Through the process of integration, users can use even more customization features in their Microsoft account and can make their profile secure with more customization.

After buying all the products found on the internet, the biggest problem is the security while using the product. With the integration of Microsoft Teams and Chatgpt, you can secure your account even more because the integration can be done with Microsoft Teams premium account only.

ChatGPT Integration with Other Microsoft Apps

As I told you in the beginning, the integration of Artificial Intelligence ie Chatgpt has started with all the products of Microsoft. At present, Chatgpt has been seen only in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft search engine bing.

But in some time, Chatgpt will also be integrated in Microsoft 365 account, through which people will be able to use different applications of Microsoft with artificial intelligence and will be able to complete their work even faster and easier.

ChatGPT Integration with Other Microsoft Apps

Microsoft has invested a lot of money on the Chatgpt Artificial Intelligence tool, for this reason and is using Artificial Intelligence to make the future even more secure and to make people’s work easier.

Gradually, like Microsoft, all the companies will start integration of Chatgpt or other artificial intelligence tools in their apps so that it becomes easier for them to work and they can do maximum work in minimum time.


If seen, people now have very less time to work and this Microsoft Teams Chatgpt integration can help people a lot to get their work done as quickly as possible. If I am to be believed, I would definitely like to take advantage of this integration done by Microsoft and integrate my Prince account with Chatgpt. If you also want to integrate Chatgpt with your Microsoft account, then read all the above points carefully and if you face any problem then you can comment us.

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FAQ’s Related to Microsoft Teams And ChatGPT

Can I use ChatGPT in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can easily use Chatgpt in Microsoft Teams, for this you have to integrate both platform scopes, the complete process of which is given in our article. You can use Chatgpt in Microsoft Teams through the Microsoft Teams Chatgpt integration.

Will Microsoft integrate ChatGPT?

Gradually, Microsoft is going to start the integration of Chatgpt in all its products so that people can use more and more Microsoft products and at the same time they can complete their work in a faster and safer way. microsoft Chatgpt The process of integrating with is explained in our article.

How do you integrate chatbot with Microsoft Teams?

So far there has been news of Microsoft integrating Chatgpt artificial intelligence chatbot. But you can integrate chatbot scores in many other ways besides Chatgpt in Microsoft Teams account.

What is the relationship between Microsoft and ChatGPT?

Microsoft has invested a lot of money in Openai, the company that created Chatgpt. Microsoft has also been using Chatgpt in its search engine Bing. Many people have invested and this company has been created by Elon Musk in which funding has been taken by Microsoft.

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