How to Use Bing AI on PC & MAC? | How To Use Bing AI On Phone?

At present, big search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing are busy integrating Artificial Intelligence with all their tools. Microsoft has now integrated Artificial Intelligence in its search engine Bing, due to which people can easily solve all their queries.

Now people can easily get answers to all their questions through Microsoft Bing AI, it helps people to find their questions and at the same time saves their time. It becomes very easy to find the answer to any question through artificial intelligence because it tells you the answer to the question asked in just a few words.

How to Use Bing AI on PC & MAC? | How To Use Bing AI On Phone?

Microsoft Bing using artificial intelligence is taking too much time artificial intelligence is taking where you get the answer to the direct question you don’t have to go to different websites again and again to find the answer to your question .

In this article, today you will get to know how you can use Bing AI on your PC and Mac. There are many ways to use Microsoft Bing Artificial Intelligence, but you will get to know here how you can use it on your desktop.

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What is Microsoft’s Bing AI search engine?

What is Microsoft Bing Artificial Intelligence and how does it work? This may be important for you to know. If artificial intelligence is seen, there is such a chat through which you can easily get the answer to any question. Microsoft has integrated the technology of Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT into its search engine.

The biggest reason for Microsoft to integrate artificial intelligence with Bing is to provide a good experience to the user. Through an artificial assistant, the user can easily run all his quirks and get their answers. Artificial assistant has the ability to provide you all kinds of solutions like it can be used to correct different types of language coding or can be used to check the done coding.

Microsoft Bing AI is slowly now appearing among the people, so far the search engine has been Google, the biggest and famous search engine in the world, but in the coming days, Microsoft is going to integrate its artificial intelligence in all of them. It is not far when the Microsoft Bing search engine will have the ability to become more famous than Google among the people.

When will Bing AI be available to the public?

Bing Artificial Intelligence has been launched by Microsoft some time ago and to use it you can use Microsoft’s browser Microsoft Edge where you will be provided with the results by Bing AI.

Bing AI is easy to use and you can get it through Microsoft’s default browser. Microsoft has launched a new search engine which has been integrated with Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft’s new search engine Bing AI works on exactly the same technology on which the chatbot ChatGPT created by OpenAI does.

Bing AI is being updated gradually and using the reviews and feedback of the users, it is being made even more accurate and helpful for the people. Integrating artificial intelligence in search engines has now become a common practice because shortly after Microsoft integrated artificial intelligence in Bing, Google has also made its own artificial intelligence chatbot named Google Bard AI. .

How To Use Bing AI On PC & Mac?

Do you want to use Bing AI, the new search engine created by Microsoft? Know how to use it. Next, you will get to know how you can use Microsoft Bing AI on your PC and Mac. Bing, we have explained this process of using artificial intelligence to you through some points.

STEP 1: Sign Up for the Bing AI Waitlist

The first way to use Microsoft Bing Artificial Intelligence in your BP and Mac is to join Microsoft’s waitlist, through this you will be able to use the Bing search engine even faster and with Artificial Intelligence. To join the Microsoft Bing waitlist, read all the parts given below carefully.

  • To join the Microsoft Bing waitlist, you must first go to the official website of Bing, whose link has been given to you.
  • When the answers reach the official website of the Games, then you have to click on the “Join the waitlist” button given on the screen.
  • Bing waitlist You must have a Microsoft account to do some line, if you do not have any Microsoft account then for this you first create a Microsoft account and then start the process of login.
  • When you join the Bing waitlist with a Microsoft account, you get a notification that says something like “Great! On the waiting list are you”.
  • After this, you have to click on the given blue color button “Access the new Bing faster”.

STEP 2: Change Your Default Search Engine to Bing

In the second step of using Bing AI on your PC and Mac, you will have to select Bing as the default search engine in your browser through which you will be able to use Bing AI.

  • To use Bing Artificial Intelligence in your browser, first you have to download Bing search extension.
  • To download the Bing search extension, you can add the Bing search extension by visiting the web store website in your Chrome browser.
  • You can use this article to add the Bing search extension, through which you will be able to add the extension directly to your Chrome browser.
  • It is necessary to select Bing as the default search engine in your Chrome browser if you want to use Bing AI.

After following all these staff, you can easily use Bing Artificial Intelligence search engine on your PC and Mac.


Keep in mind that you can use Microsoft Edge to use the Bing AI search engine, if you are using Google Chrome, then you will have to add a separate extension so that you can use the Bing AI search engine.

How to Access Bing AI after installing Bing Search Extension?

When you install the Bing Search extension in your Google Chrome browser, then the Bing feature is enabled in your Google Chrome.

  • To use the Bing search extension, first you have to click on the icon of Bing given on the right corner.
  • If you do not see the volume of Bing, then you can unhide it by going to the extensions of your Chrome browser, after which you can use it on any page.
  • When you click on the icon of Bing, a chatbot opens in front of you through which you can get answers to all your questions.
  • This chatbot itself is Bing AI. You can put all your queries and get answers by visiting the “Ask Me Anything” section below.

How To Use Bing AI On Phone?

Now I will tell you how you can use Bing AI in your Android phone or iPhone iOS device. Bing Artificial Intelligence search engine can be easily used in mobile also, but for this you have to first install some Microsoft application in your phone, for which the whole process has been explained to you through the stuff below.

  • First of all, you have to open Play Store or App Store in your phone from where you will be able to download Microsoft’s application.
  • After this you have to download the Microsoft Bing application on your phone.
  • When you install the Microsoft application on your phone, you can use Bing AI by opening the direct application.
  • Microsoft Bing artificial intelligence in mobile can be used only through Microsoft’s app and for this you do not need to register on any third party application and website.
  • Bing is Microsoft’s only search engine, for this reason you can download and use the Microsoft Bing application directly on your phone.

What Capabilities Does Bing AI Have?

Now you can use Bing Artificial Intelligence anytime with your browser. It is easy to use Bing Artificial Intelligence through browser and at the same time you can use Bing AI in your phone also, for which you have to download Microsoft Bing application. Have to do

Now that you have come to know how Microsoft Bing Artificial Intelligence is used, then it is important for you to get information about some of its features as well. There are many such features of Bing AI which can help in doing your work easier and faster.

  • Any question asked through Microsoft Bing Artificial Intelligence is answered with perfect accuracy and Bing AI brings you the answer by finding all the new results available on the Internet to find the answer.
  • Bing AI is very easy to use and there is no limit to use it, here users can get answers to their questions as much as they want and you never need to purchase any subscription.
  • Bing AI reacts exactly like a human and has the ability to answer the questions asked in human language.
  • Through Bing Artificial Intelligence created by Microsoft, students can also use it to check their created court as well as create different types of online tools or language tools.
  • People using the Bing search engine now get answers to their queries very quickly and artificial intelligence reacts exactly like a human so that the user does not feel that he is questioning and answering a chatbot.


Bing Artificial Intelligence or Bing Search Engine both are the same thing. The Bing search engine created by Microsoft has now been integrated with artificial intelligence to make it easier for the user to query and get the right answer faster.

The use of artificial intelligence is now increasing gradually and artificial intelligence is being adopted by Microsoft so fast that all its products and tools have artificial intelligence A different role of physical intelligence is visible. Here you will be able to know how to use Bing AI on your PC, Phone and Mac.

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