Can Ouriginal Detect Chat GPT? | Can Ouriginal detect the use of Chat GPT?

Ouriginal one findertool Is. Whose job is to find out the work done with the help of AI tools. Original was also known by the name urkund earlier. But later its name was changed to Original. Can Ouriginal detect the use of Chat GPT?

Can Ouriginal Detect Chat GPT? | Can Ouriginal detect the use of Chat GPT ?

Today, through this article, we will try to know whether we can find out the Ouriginal article written by chatgpt. And apart from this, in this article we will see what are the limitations and possibilities of Original.

Because Ouriginal is being used in many education departments. So let’s see. Whether this tool can find out the assignment or paragraph written by chatgpt.

Answer:- Can’t trace the Ouriginal syllabus written by chatgpt. Because chatgpt The assignment written by is not copied from anywhere. Chat GPT 4 can write any assignment of a type only once, it does not repeat that type again. So the article written by Chat GPT was not stolen from anywhere.

The assignments written by Chatgpt are very effective and simply worded. Which is easily understood by anyone. There is no grammatical error of any kind in the article written by him. Because chatgpt has been developed in this way. That he can write any article very well and without any grammatical error.

Keeping in view some such points, we can say this with a claim. that cannot locate the Ouriginal chatgpt.

Limitations and Possibilities

There are some limitations and possibilities of the original tool, they are as follows :-

The limitations of Ouriginal

  • This Tool uses text-mathchung method to find out the article written by Ai, in this method it checks whether this article is available somewhere on the internet or not. This article was stolen if available Is, But chatgpt does not steal the text. Rather it has the ability to write a whole new article.
  • Ouriginal relies entirely on internet databases if the article is not in the database. So the original has a lot of difficulty in locating that article.
  • Ouriginal may know the article closely but it is still not that effective. So that each one can easily identify the stolen article.

Possibilities for Ouriginal

  • This tool has been developed in this way. That it can easily identify the convention generated by the AI ​​tool. And it has a number of capabilities that help it identify articles.
  • How The Ouriginal Are Developing। Due to that its database is increasing to a great extent. With the help of which this tool will be able to easily detect the stolen content.
  • Currently, the way the demand for AI generator content is increasing. According to that, Origin will soon understand the output of AI tools and start detecting them.

Ouriginal help to teachers detect Content

Teachers can use Ouriginal to check the assignments of their students. This tool helps to detect assignments written with the help of multiple AI tools. With the help of this, teachers will be able to know whether this assignment has been written by the student or it has been written with the help of an AI tool, so original is of great use in the field of education.

The modus operandi of Ouriginal is very precise as it firstly checks the details of the assignment and whether the assignment is plagiarized from internet database.

And it also checks the grammatical condition of that assignment. After that tries to understand the way of writing the assignment.


So after reading the main points of this article we have come to the conclusion that the Ouriginal cannot detect chatgpt. Because chatgpt does not steal anyone’s contact. Rather, it has the ability to generate content in a new way. However, the Ouriginal is designed to detect contacts written by Ai Tools only. But right now the Ouriginal needs to be more modern. So that it can detect contacts written by tools like chatgpt.

Even though chatgpt is not being detected yet. But still we should use it only for the needful works. Because by using it to the maximum, we will become completely dependent on it and become lazy. Due to using Chatgpt, our ability to think will decrease due to which our development will not be done properly.


1. Can ChatGPT be detected?

Yes, the contact written by chatgpt can be detected because currently many such tools are available. Which can detect the text written by chatgpt.

2. What software is used to detect ChatGPT?

There are many such software available in the market. Which can detect the written content of chatgpt such as turnitin and zerogpt.

3. Can universities detect QuillBot?

Yes university professors can find out whether the assignments written by their students are written or not with the help of Quilbot because teachers know to what extent the writing student can write that assignment well.

4. How many students use ChatGPT?

If the survey is to be believed then around 43 percent students are using chatgpt or multiple AI tools like chatgpt. These students are using these tools for their assignments and exams.

5. Which country uses ChatGPT the most?

According to a survey, US is using chatgpt the most, followed by India at number two and Japan at number three.

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